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July 18, 2012
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Maccish Theme for Be::Shell (KDE) by Hombremaledicto Maccish Theme for Be::Shell (KDE) by Hombremaledicto
A maccish theme for Be::Shell ( infos on it: [link] )

Be-Shell theme + config + GlobalMenu settings.

The zip also contains Black Transparent Bespin preset by CraazyT, since i didn't solved the Meters issue ( i can not customize them in the qss file) you have to bind it to bespin and restart the shell - an explanation in the README file.

Important: the icons for start button and taskbar refer to the ones in my current icon theme folder in ~/kde4/share/icons/ICONTHEME, Choose an icon and enter its name in the config file ( in the zip) then reload the config.

You also need ( if you don't want to resize panels or want my exactly config) to use font cantarell size 7 for menu and general.

If you have questions, ask in the comments below.
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hello. If I want to try your Be::Shell theme I must overwrite my config file in /home/myusername/.kde4/share/config ?
I must to do this action for all be::shell theme that i want to try? and if i want to turn back? I need to move beshell in beshell.bak. Isn't an other method? Thanks in advance...

Yes, you have to overwrite your config, since the theme file
is just a stylesheet, while the applets (and their relative IDs),
layout and geometry are settled within the config file.
No, there's no other method to do this, sorry.
You can, btw, create a script (or a function in your .bashrc),
to do the whole job automatically, passing the old and new
configs as arguments (in case you want, i can try to write an example
for you), creating a backup of the old in your theme dir.
By the way, please don't use this theme, it's outdated
(and when i made it i was a real noob: it sucks, in brief).
Changes occured in since then may lead to unwanted
behaviours, such as for labels (the label applet now is designed to
exec scripts/command/executables within a pollinterval,
instead of just being a text button).

The last "sane" theme, working with the latest BE::Shell, that i've released
is Pluto, you can find it in my gallery.

P.s. Probabilmente sei italiano, ti ho risposto in inglese in ogni caso,
sperando altri che passano di qua e si pongano le stesse domande
abbiano risposta. Scusa :(
It's useless to rename every time old config in config.bak because
in this case I could keep a maximum of two config-files, instead, what I want is to maintain every single config file,
otherwise all the previous themes would no longer be usable (except the second last).
Do you agree? I hope my issue is clear.

Anyway...I'll try "Pluto".

P.S.: Si sono italiano, non c' bisogno di scusarti per questo, anzi scusami tu per il mio inglese poco corretto.
It's clear → save the file in the theme folder
Do not just rename it by appending the "bak" suffix within its current dir
( $HOME/.kde4/share/config/). That ofc would cause a mess, right?
That's why i've suggested you to create a function or a shell script
to manage the job automagically (you can also use kdialog to get
a GUI for shell scripts).
The whole backup & overwrite thingy shouldn't take any further than 2mins.
Simple as shit ;)

Good! In case of probs, lemme know :)

Figurati, anche il mio inglese lascia a desiderare.
Hello, for the icons you wrote

"Choose an icon and enter its name in the config file ( in the zip) then reload the config."

but how I make that in file?
Mode=0   ← 0 is icon only

  • Case 1:


    This matches the icon "kate.png" in the icon theme
    you're currently using (the one you settled in systemsettings → appearance).

  • Case 2:


    It could be that you also have a "kate.png" icon in your theme directory
    ( /home/user/.kde4/share/apps/ )
    though, in which case, it will have a highest priority over the one with the same name
    located in your icon theme dir.

  • Case 3;


    An icon that is not in your theme directory, neither in your icon theme.
    In this case you need to write the path to it ( note that "~" doesn't work) and also
    the file extension (png, jpeg, etc...).

Config reference on BE::Shell wiki

By the way, please don't use this theme, it's outdated, old, and ugly.
The last decent theme i wrote is Pluto - which works with the latest
without problems ;)
Ok, I try with these cases, but nothing ocurrs. Furthemore, in the bottompanel just appear ram and cpu, but not appears the applications in use. But now I use another theme, Thanks a lot.
If those do not work, but you used the right icon name
according to my previous comment,
check if the Mode= is set to be on 0 (icon only).
For the bottompanel could be a padding problem in the theme.css
file. The css code depends on your screen resolution too.
Yet, when i wrote this shit, i was a real noob (not like nowadays,
where i'm just a half-noob. The other half is compensated by
my habit to not read docs or listening to people :( ).
hahaha Don't worry, we currently have given up the icons, it gives me the impression that I write code for each application and indicate which icon to use. And I hope his Bespin theme for Firefox is ready soon. Greetings.
I miss say, the Bespin theme in zip file is not the dark-transparence, is Noveau.
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