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August 6, 2012
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Nouveau - Idea for a theme by Hombremaledicto Nouveau - Idea for a theme by Hombremaledicto
Today i saw this amazing wallpaper and i began to rearrange my wip theme in a way ( in my humble opinion) that fits the best to it . What do you think? Do you like/dislike these changes i made since my previous screenshot?

Details :

- O.s. Chakra Linux ( kde 4.9 ) with Be::Shell
- Win style: bespin
- Win deco: bespin

Fixed stuff :

- Minimized tasks are now highlighted.
- Don't bind to bespin anymore.
- I fixed the color of the meters. *
- I've Cut my hairs - sexier than ever.

Things that make me proud ( ... ) :

- A global menu that mimes gnome 2 classic menu - now with icons . **
- Finally i beat my laziness and made a doubled screenshot !!
- I can read what's happening on screen, even though i'm using very tiny fonts.

Things that need to be fixed :

- Change font for taskbar?
- Again awake at 4 am . ***
- Everything.

* If you downloaded my previous theme you should have noticed the issue with them
** Finally, i read the wiki part that explains it can be done...****
*** Insomnia - here is hoooooot !!!

**** yeeh :typerhappy:
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SearchProjects Sep 4, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
SearchProjects Sep 8, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
i hope check my works
SearchProjects Sep 10, 2012  Professional Interface Designer
i hope check my works
Goodnight-Melbourne Aug 13, 2012   Traditional Artist
a slice of paris :)
When i saw this wallpaper i was heavily inspired, remembering my journey in paris and all the books of the lost generation (set in paris) i've read.
Goodnight-Melbourne Aug 14, 2012   Traditional Artist
I agree on this point :) When we visit some place we try to find all the glorious things we read about it and later remember when we leave that place. It feels nostalgic :)
I myself never been to Paris though. Someday I will :)
Btw, nice customization :highfive:
Thank you! :)

Exactly. I hope you'll enjoy it then: Paris it's magic. Another great city is Rome. Being Italian i've been there 4 times, and everytime i've been amazed by the emotional state that a place can evoke within a person.
Such hugeness for an emotion, that we can assimilate it and understand it only when we remember, only when time is passed.
Goodnight-Melbourne Aug 18, 2012   Traditional Artist
Welcome :)

yes! paris is magic! I like that term ^^ I heard even the air there is magical ^^
And Rome - Rome bears the history of thousand years ^^ Obviously it will be so graceful and nostalgic ^^
I like those stony streets of paris, rome and old london ^^
And that emotion is heart wrenching - after coming back to the cosy home, you can think of only the warm sunset and smell the air of the places you've been, but until then you are too far from there! Then it seems the discomforts or little troubles of travel wasn't so much really ^^
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