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February 3, 2013
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Pretty colorful by Hombremaledicto Pretty colorful by Hombremaledicto
O.s. Arch Linux
DE: KDE + BE::Shell

This is just a simple imitation of the amazing screenshots by neodesktop...
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I had not seen this before, its super wow !!, how get the indicators of open apps in the taskbar what its the css property?

The indicators are taken from a dock theme here on DA (was it rocket dock?), anyway, the css property is background-image, which can be used along with background-color in case the image is transparent.

Let's say you have an indicator.png in your theme folder, all you need is something like this in your css:

/* You might want to set OneTask:hover and ManyTasks:hover too */
#OneTask:checked, #ManyTasks:checked {
background-image: url("${base}/indicator.png");
background-position:bottom center;
background-repeat:no-repeat; /*using 'none' should work too */

This will place the indicator image at the bottom of running tasks.
Willingly, one can repeat the image horizontally or vertically by setting background-repeat to repeat-x or repeat-y respectively.

Ofc i played a bit with other stuff in tasks to make them look like that, for example:

.BE--Tasks QToolButton {

Plus some values for margin and padding i can't remember at the moment...
thanks!! i have it!! now i know whats program are open and what not, because i have a launchers in the bottom dock!

Next question xD, its possible to make the panel change the width dynamically? I tried specifying the width, min width and max width, but it has not worked, I think that if it is not possible, or not?

thanks master
Great, i expect great themes from you, soon :)

Unfortunately, for the panel you got it right: it can not be done. That's a shame, but consider that (with dinamically resized panel)you would loose all the freedom in customization that BE::Shell has AFAIK.

Btw you can resize them from GUI by righ clicking on a panel -> Move/Resize.
You can also set a margin (if you want a floating panel) for all sides - like in LaGaDesk's excellent themes - or for a single one (like you can see in some of my latest screenshots).

Anyway you could post a feature request to Thomas, the developer.
Whether it's possible or not, he will give you an answer, solving any doubt related ;)
thanks, i will try to make a floating panel with the margins.

and post the feature request/question to thomas maybe considered add the option

thanks again
My pleasure, for anything, just ask :)
just now i have a question, opacity to background images? i want to get some opacity in the panel but using images, using colors rgba work without problem, with images i try with opacity: value ; but not work

Is the image transparent itself?
You can not set an alpha value to an image through css, but you can with gimp.
It's long to explain this here, and i'm not good with gimp, but online there is a pletora of tutorials that you will find useful.
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TheImmortalPhoenix Apr 7, 2013  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Spettacolare! Voglio i configs! Per colpa tua mi sto rimettendo chakra :P
Hehe :D

Mi spiace, devo prima sistemare il casino che ho lasciato nella config e nel css del tema.
Se hai pazienza, quando il tutto pronto te lo mando ;)
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